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                        Om Village is a intentional community comprised of like-minded individuals who respect all living things on the planet. Our goal is to show communities across the globe how to  live in a sustainable, self reliant manner and to implement the basic building blocks of healthy living. We are a plant-based community that has transformed the Jungle into a Eco-friendly living space.;

“We strive to be peaceful “

In regions where the Earth is reasonably fertile, (non-desert areas), we teach the villagers how to return to a plant-based society by researching what the historically indigenous fruits and vegetables are, supplying the organic seeds known to thrive in the area then Assistant with the plant in the First Crop. We strive to be peaceful, loving international citizens who strive to help others realize the joy of their own humanity and self worth through acts of selfless kindness.

We always utilize established best practices to ensure that we are good stewards of the land, with much of our acreage reserved as "Jungle" and supporting rare wild life. On average, we plant over 500 various fruits, vegetables and trees per year in an effort to reverse the devastation caused by reliance on outside sources of food leading to neglect of the land.

Our belief is that Mother Earth deserves to be restored back to her wild, natural state as She was in precolonial times. Om village is composed of traveling individuals and families, some full time and some part time, utilizing a combination of donation funds along with community income-sharing contributions resulting from the sale of hand made products such as jewelry and art work.  

We look to build up existing villages by teaching locals how to live sustainably and encourage the development of co-housing cooperatives which allow for economic diversity and simple living. We encourage education in our community and have a full time, certified international instructor on staff. Building book houses for local children and adults and teaching basic reading and comprehension has proven to enrich the lives of villagers while setting the youth up for future success.